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DIP diet plan (Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury)2020

The DIP diet plan is not a medicine. It is the right way to eat what we should eat, which is a DIP diet that our body needs so that our body can stay healthy and stay alive within our body.

And the food that I am going to tell in this article, we can stay healthy by eating this food is beneficial for every disease, but what you like

You can take it but in small quantities and you have to follow this DIP diet which is an effective way to keep your body healthy

DIP diet plan in hindi

You can take this food in any disease, even if you have a cold, whether you have a sugar disease or even if you have BP.

Whether you have high BP, you can eat this DIP diet in any disease.


First rule:

We do not have to eat any animal products or animal meat like many people like to eat chicken. Many people like to eat fish.

But we do not have to eat any non-vegetarian food and we do not have to eat products made from milk, whether it is milk, cheese or tea, we do not eat any milk products made from milk.

And along with this, you have to keep the amount of oil in the food as low as it can be refined, so eat it as little as possible, Dr. Vishwaroop Chaudhary believes that

We should use organic oil only if we do not use refined.

Second rule:

Use the white sugar that comes in the market, at least, you can use jaggery instead of sugar.

You should use rock salt or black salt instead of white salt. These are more beneficial if the vegetables are eaten according to the season.

So this is very good because the vegetable which comes without season is harmful to health in the market.

और आप पैकेट वाली कोई भी उत्पाद ना खरीदें क्योंकि पैकेट वाले उत्पाद में कई तरह के suplement मिले  होते हैं शराब और धूम्रपान के नशे से बचें किसी भी तरह का नशा न करे।

Third Rule:

We should not eat food after 8:00 pm and we should not eat any kind of food

Because after eating for the whole day our body needs time to digest food and take rest.

What to eat for breakfast in the morning

You have to eat fruits in the morning and the fruits that come in season according to the season like apple banana grapes, seasonal fruits you have to eat

How much to eat

This way of eating is such that if your weight is 70 kg then you have to multiply your weight by 10 and multiply the number which will come as:   

70 x 10 = 700

Here we multiplied our weight by 10 and if 700 gm comes here then you have to eat 700 gm of fruit.

And that too till 12:00 or you can eat those fruits together or gradually by 12:00.

What to eat for lunch

First plate:

You have to put 2 plates in the lunch, in the first plate you have to multiply your body weight by 5 like:

Your body weight   70×5=350 gm

Here our 350 comes, so you have to take 350 grams of seasonal vegetables, that too any four or five types of vegetables can be taken separately.

, Tomatoes, turnips, beet capsicum, cabbage, green vegetables are seasonal. You can have them mixed and without cooking

Second Plate:

What you like on the second plate is the food that you eat now, like the paratha dosa whatever you like.

You can also come with this filling, but remember that whatever you want to eat should be made at home, only after the first plate you have to eat what you eat in the second plate often.

What to eat in a snack:

In snacks you have to eat equal to your body weight as if your body hymn is 70 kg then you have to eat 70 grams of snacks.

In snacks, you have to eat a sprouted nut and that too without roasting you can add black salt or rock salt or lemon to increase the taste.

What to eat for dinner:

As we just told you what to eat after 12:00, you have to adopt the same method at night.

In the first plate, you have to eat the salad as much as you want by multiplying your body weight by 5, then you can eat what you want to eat.

Precautions you have to keep in mind

  • You have to eat fresh fruits, do not eat long-cut fruits
  • Keep doing your check-ups from time to time
  • So that you can get to know about your disease
  • Eat according to your daughter-in-law, but eat sure if you have less hunger then eat less but eat definitely eat

Should we take medicine during this DIP diet:

Because there are many diseases in the body of people, whose medicines they are eating, they have BP disease, someone has sugar disease.

तो उन लोगों का प्रश्न यही होता है कि क्या मैं है यह डाइट लेने पर एलोपैथिक दवाई बंद कर दू। जिस बीमारी की भी आप दवा खा रहे हैं

You have to reduce the medicine of that disease slowly like we cannot stop thyroid medicine

We have to stop it slowly, you follow this DIP diet and you reduce your medicines according to the need.

And keep on checking from time to time, check the sugar, check BP, whatever disease you have and keep checking it periodically.

And according to that, if you feel a little bit right, then by doing slowly you can stop your medicine.

This DIP diet is not a disadvantage, a person suffering from any disease can take this DIP diet plan, it will only benefit.

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