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How to do meditation and benefits of meditation

Students who do not feel like studying, I would like to tell them that through the Meditation Meditation Technique, you will also be able to read, your concentration will increase and teenagers who feel that they are unable to decide what they have to do in life or cannot get a decision. They too will be helped in decision making by Meditation Technique, but to get the result, you have to do Meditation MEDITATION for at least 2 months for 20 minutes every day, after that you will start seeing results, however you can start at least in the beginning man. Should do Meditation MEDITATION equal to your age in 1 day, like if you are 20 years old then you should do 20 minutes in 1 day.

Why it is important to meditate:

Meditation means that Meditation MEDITATION to awaken your sleeping power, to use your brain to the fullest, according to science, we use only 2% of our brain. Now we have to cover both of them, in this way, we have scattered our minds in many places. It can be something like this, for some people, that place is God, for some people it can be business, for some people you can earn money, for some people you can study and it can happen for you. Meditation is a response to clearing your inner being. An attempt to stay fresh and young is an attempt to live life to the fullest. If you are afraid of meditation, it means that you are afraid of life, you are afraid of you, you are afraid of knowing the truth. And if you do not resist at all, it is possible that you do not take care honestly. Do not understand about meditation MEDITATION and want to meditate, then you have to believe in meditation first, you have to believe in the powers that are in you, only then you will be able to meditate.

How to do meditation:

Start meditation in 10 minutes in the beginning. In some easy way to do meditation, I am going to tell you now. Sit down comfortably in a quiet place, play some soft music, and count your breath. Do this in the beginning 10 minutes and slowly increase the time to 20 minutes, you can do more than you want, but you have to do 20 minutes maximum number two. You can make a point on a wall at your house and see it continuously for 10 minutes. It is also considered a part of knowledge and Number 3 is the easiest way to meditate. It is very important to calm your mind in the beginning to meditate, meditation will be possible when there is a burning sensation in the mind, otherwise you will have to remove the smell from your brain first. You will have to remove it only then you will be able to meditate. Whatever a number of things you do, you are watching it with full concentration. If your mind is not thinking anything else, if you get ideas from far away while doing some work in your mind, then you understand. That your mind needs to calm down and you need to control yourself Number four is to sit in Sukhasana and release every part of your body, and feel that all the stress from your mind and body is going out with your breath and if any part of the body hurts or there is any disease. So imagine that your pain is going out of the body by the way of the feet, by doing this your body will start to heal slowly, it will feel a miracle to you, but through meditation, you can overcome any major disease. So you can do meditation anytime, but early in the morning means that the time between 4:00 to 6:00 is considered the best time for meditation. The most important sit comfortably and account for 1 to 100, and this is two times a day. Do this three times, by doing this your mind will start concentrating, and whatever thoughts you have will go away, by doing this, when you will be completely stuck between 1 to 100 accounts, and with that whatever negative thoughts in your mind They will be cleared and after some time, you will not have to account for up to 100 at the time of mediation. 

Benefits of meditation:

  • With Meditation MEDITATION we can calm our own mind
  • It is said that the mind of man is a storehouse of culinary powers and through meditation, you can increase your sleeping powers and feel the power which is not there in an ordinary human being, if you want to live your life to the fullest, then meditation must be done. should do
  • With Meditation MEDITATION you can live a stress-free life
  • You can get your work done in less time
  • You can easily remember the names of people in your daily life.
  • Your body can become more healthy sleep
  • Students can study well in a short time, by meditation your confidence, and by meditation, you can overcome any disease, fight any disease.

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