Stretching Exercises before jim
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Stretching Exercises before jim

The Best Stretching Exercises before jim

Doing Stretching Exercises before exercise in the gym is considered very important and Stretching Exercises are also important.

What is stretching exercises

When we stretch our limbs before performing any heavy exercise (jim, running) it is called stretching.


Let’s say there is a rubber, we pull it, then it pulls. If we heat and pull the same rubber, it will drag it the same way our body works. We should never stretch on our cold body. We should warm up before stretching. We have to do this so that our body can get warmer and then we should do Stretching Exercises, before doing gym we have to warm up then do stretching then after that we have to do gym.

Stretching Exercises before jim

Benefits of Stretching Exercises

Stretching causes a stretch in our muscles that relaxes our muscles and reduces the likelihood of our muscles aching. When we lift heavy weight we should never lift heavy weight on our cold body before we warm up. up then stretching should be done Stretching provides brain and physical strength to our body, it changes the shape of our body and gives the right shape to our body. Stretching is very important to remove physical weakness due to which blood in our body The flow is maintained properly and the body gets rest, the balance of the body remains correct and the mind remains stable, not necessarily you do Stretching in the gym. You can do it even after getting up in the morning. You can also do yoga. Stretching mostly in yoga Is included.

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