Pranayam kya he
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What is Pranayama

What is Anulom Vilom Pranayam

Many people are very fond of doing yoga because they feel that they will be healthy by doing Yoga. They are also right to say, but there are some rules for doing yoga. There are some ways if anything is done in the way you benefit. Otherwise, she goes in vain, this is how yoga is done. If yoga is done properly, it has so many benefits that we cannot even imagine that today we will do Anulom Vilom Pranayama pranayama yoga. Who does not know about this pranayama yoga Will happen but do not know the way, so let’s see-

Pranayam kya he

Before we know how to do pranayama breathing exercises, we know about the fingers of our hands because fingers are very important in pranayama breathing exercises because I will take the name of the fingers in this article if you know, then you will have any problem. No, if you do not know the names of the fingers, then I am giving a picture below, in which we have given the names of the fingers of our hands. 

Pranayam kya he

Way to do pranayama:

To do Pranayama pranayama breathing exercise, first of all, you sit down by folding both your legs, which is also called sitting by beating the legs.

Sit completely relaxed and keep your waist straight and neck straight, keep both your hands on both your knees, put your right hand on the right knee and left hand on left knee.

Now we have to make a circle by putting the index finger of our left hand with the thumb and keep the three fingers open and keep it on the knee, something like this is seen in the photo below-

Pranayam kya he

Now join the index finger and middle finger of the right hand and join them at the roots of both of them, keep the remaining two fingers open and place the thumb on the side of both those fingers which are folded like this, as seen in the photo below.

Pranayam kya he

Now close your right nasal door with the thumb of your right hand and breathe through the left nasal gate, then close the by the nasal gate with junior and anonymous finger and exhale through the right nasal gate. If possible, the time it takes to leave the breath is double that of the time it takes to breathe, after breathing, slowly release it from the nasal gate, do this for at least 5 minutes, then anything will be beneficial for you. It does not take time for that.

Benefits of Anulom Vilom pranayama || breathing exercise

Relieves the mind
Fixes the mind
Cures amnesia
Enhances memory
Helps to increase eyesight
Controls blood pressure

  1. Relieves the mind
  2. Fixes the mind
  3. Cures amnesia
  4. Enhances memory
  5. Helps to increase eyesight
  6. Controls blood pressure
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