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What is yoga how many types of yoga

What type of exercise style is this?

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit language and the meaning of this word is personal union. Apart from India, it is famous all over the world. In today’s date, history is considered 5000 years old. Yoga gives countless benefits to the body and everyone A strong body can be found by doing yoga, the diseases of the body also go away and the mind gets peace.

Why it is important to do yoga:

Doing yoga is very beneficial for health, everyone knows that and doing yoga brings many benefits to the body, doing yoga can be found healthy, that’s why you do yoga every day.

Benefits of doing yoga

By doing yoga asanas, the body remains energized and the body gets rid of diseases, people whose body is easily tired, these people often feel weakness, those people should start doing yoga, because of the energy in your body. Level increases, it affects the brain and mental stress is relieved, stress-free life gets more and more weight is lost. There are many yoga poses which are effective in reducing weight and people do their daily Weight loss starts, doing yoga has a good effect on the face and makes the face shine, besides the immunity starts strengthening, that is, your immunity system gets strengthened, our body is protected from many deadly diseases. Apart from this, one of the main benefits of yoga is that it works in strengthening your muscles, and by doing yoga, your muscles become stronger and they do not complain of pain. Are and by doing these asanas our body becomes flexible It improves our walking and sitting and reduces the stiffness of the body, apart from doing yoga, the mind remains calm, and having a calm mind increases the positive energy in the body, positive thoughts also bring good thoughts to the mind and If the mind is always happy, then you become successful, apart from this, it is also effective in relieving many pains and by doing yoga daily, you can get rid of the pain in many parts of the body from the problems related to the digestive system. You will also get rest and the digestive system will be strengthened. People who do yoga regularly do not have diseases like gas and constipation. Besides, the risk of heart diseases is reduced. Blood pressure should be kept under control and not read it. People who have high blood pressure can reduce their blood pressure with the help of people, just like you, diabetes can also be kept under control with the help of yoga, knowing that there are many benefits.

Know about yoga

Raja Yoga 2. Gyan Yoga 3. Karma Yoga 4. Bhakti Yoga 5. Hatha Yoga 6. Kundalini is the first to know that Raja Yoga is considered to be the biggest yoga in relation to Raja Yoga and it is of eight types, due to which it is named as Ashtanga Yoga. It is also known through this that self-inspection is done and the mind is connected with the soul. By doing this yoga, peace of mind and mind is removed and tension is removed.

There are eight types of this yoga

  • Yama means swearing
  • Self-discipline
  • Easy posture
  • Pranayama (Health Control)
  • Pratyahara (Control of the senses)
  • Perception
  • Care
  • Samadhi (liberation from the shackles or union with God)
  • Knowledge yoga

Through Jnana Yoga, the soul is purified and we are able to connect ourselves to the soul. For those who are more anxious, Jnana yoga is good, and doing it keeps the mind calm. Doing yoga also has a good effect on memory and Memory remains sharp. Knowledge of yoga is more than the mind and this yoga is considered to be very difficult yoga. It is said that by doing yoga one gets absorbed in Brahma. Apart from this, Karma Yoga Karma means correct yourself. We have to take the path and do good deeds without any selfishness. Through Karma Yoga, we become absorbed in God and continue to do our works without any attachment. Apart from this, Bhakti Yoga is yes, Bhakti Yoga. There is a type of yoga that is associated with the worship of God. According to Bhakti Yoga, every human being should consider themselves as their God and should worship their God with a sincere mind, doing Bhakti Yoga gives peace to the mind. Apart from doing Hatha Yoga Yoga, the nostrils of our body remain correct and the balance between them is maintained under Hatha Yoga. The person extracts the word Hatha from his mouth, in this word the word hai originates from Dai nasal vowel which is called Pingala Nadi while from Bai nasal vowel which is called Eda Nadi, in ancient times this yoga sage used to perform Muni and perform it physically. There is peace in the form and mentally. Apart from this, by doing Kundalini Yoga, seven chakras of the body can be awakened. This yoga is also known and doing this yoga can control the mind. It is very difficult to do and those who do this yoga properly, those people are completely in control of their body and their concentration also goes, then some things are very important when doing yoga. Will benefit from 

Let’s know what to keep in mind while in yoga

The meaning of yoga is that you have all known about the benefits of yoga and the type of yoga, now get up and do yoga in the morning and you have to take some precautions, also know them as if you are using it for the first time. Do this with someone who knows how yoga is done so that you can do it right only then you will be benefited. Also, do not do yoga in case of fever or ill, so your stomach should be empty, so immediately after eating food After doing yoga, do not go for a bath immediately and do not bring any negative thoughts in your mind while doing yoga. Now the best time to do yoga is Brahma Muhurta i.e. 4:00 AM and in the morning by going to the open-air yoga It is best to do meditation at the same time, you should always go to a quiet place, if you want, you can do yoga in the evening, but in the evening, while doing yoga, your stomach should be completely empty. Those people should not do yoga, do not use if there is a pain in the bone because doing so can have a bad effect on the reed bone.

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